The Longest Road

Okay, blog post number one.  Ever.  Let me start by telling you about the name.  If you follow Route 6 eastward on the trip from Boston to Cape Cod, you will eventually come to exit 10, which is where I get off the highway on my way home from most anywhere.  Were you to continue on Route 6 to its endpoint, you would find yourself in Provincetown – the quirky, playful town famous for its art, liberal and expressive sexuality, as well as its wild dunes and beaches.  P-town is known for the quality of its light, surrounded as it is, on three sides, by the sea.

Most mothers know that they can often have the best conversations with their kids while driving in the car.  Most writers know that this is where they often get (and often subsequently lose, for lack of a pen) their best ideas – by virtue of the relaxed right-brain or the lack of anything better to do than steer.  For me, this is true, and when I’m driving home from an evening class in the city, by the time I get to Route 6 I’m either fully engaged in creative thought or hanging my head out the window, air conditioning blasting, singing “American Pie” as loudly as I can to the white lines beneath my wheels.

Yes, six east (which I do, somehow, keep mistyping as “sexiast”) is what takes me home, leads toward the land of light, to the surrounding ocean of possibilities where we all might sink, swim, or sail.  So what more fitting name for the blog where I hope to generate ideas, to find something in my experience worth sharing, something that might lead in toward the home within myself, or out toward the light which surrounds us.  What more fitting name for the device that dumps me into the vast ocean of the world-wide-web where I’m not one-in-a-million (as my husband or mother might tell me), but one in 110 million as my blogging professor says!  Yikes.  Now if that’s not intimidating, what is?

In the vast sense, blogging is the new chronicling of this age – an itemization and linking of experience, goals, culture, news – an impermanent attempt to both connect and tell our stories, to talk and be listened to.  A blog – whether it aims to comment, chronicle, or further a cause – is, as my on-board Apple dictionary tells me, “a web site on which an individual or group of users produces an ongoing narrative,” and narrative, as we know, is the telling of stories.

I’ve never thought my life was overly remarkable or that I have much worth telling – no dark dysfunctional childhood or exotic third-world travels – never mind competing with over a hundred million people to find readers who might be interested in what I write, so I turn to the pedestrian, the everyday, and the real-life challenges of being this woman at this time in history.  Since, more than anything, I believe a good blog is an honest blog, and will not only inform but also entertain, that will be my aim here.

Route 6, whose 3,249 miles stretch from the west coast to the east, was never intended to be an interstate but grew to become, at one time, the longest highway in America.  As a new blogger, September 3, 2010, I feel I’m jumping on such a highway in the early days of its construction.  I’m one of many on the road.  My hope (did I say I was an idealist?) is that – despite potholes and pitfalls, traffic and bad drivers – this road and my place on it will serve to connect people who might be oceans apart physically but share the same drive to find peace, or light, inspiration, or connection in a place they choose to call home.

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One Response to The Longest Road

  1. Bruce Wayne says:

    well-written…you’re a natural….

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